Pulled & Diced

With pulled and diced chicken, you have the option of adding flavorful chicken-based soups, salads and pies to the menu without increasing prep time or adding to your labor costs.

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Product Code Description
Fully Cooked Pulled Chicken, Ingredient Meats
3170 Fully Cooked Pulled All White Meat
5177 Fully Cooked Pulled Natural Proportion Dark/White Meat
9170 Fully Cooked Pulled 65/35 Dark/White Meat
9184 Fully Cooked Pulled 80/20 Dark/White Meat
Fully Cooked Diced Chicken, Ingredient Meats
3174 Fully Cooked Diced 1/2" All White Meat
9192 Fully Cooked Diced 1/2" All Dark Meat
5178 Fully Cooked Diced 1/2" Natural Proportion Dark/White Meat
9174 Fully Cooked Diced 1/2" 65/35 Dark/White Meat
9180 Fully Cooked Diced 1/2" 80/20 Dark/White Meat